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MDA Property Manager - Projections & Budgets Workshop 

The Projections and Budgets module allows clients to load and maintain income and expense budgets, revised budgets, and notes on variances on a property and rentable unit level in MDA Property Manager.

Join us to gain better insight into the full scope of managing projections and budgets on MDA Property Manager.
Budget training is key for organizations and supports the decision-making and planning process.

This workshop provides users with processing awareness and skills by combining theory and practice. Exercises are designed to illustrate step-by-step processing and final reporting outcome.

Effective budgeting helps businesses track financials. This can allow the opportunity to plan for long-term income/expenses and short-term income/expenses. Additionally allowing for monitoring of new and existing operational costs. 

This 4 hour individual client session includes:

  • Use contractual income from lease agreements to automatically update income budgets.  
  • Quickly set up expense budgets by using existing budgets or historical actuals 
  • Export existing budgets to MS Excel® for editing, and easily import revised figures. 
  • Generate, analyse, and compare budget reports.
  • Use new navigation tools in MRI Property Central such as the report centre, help centre, notifications centre, and scheduling reports.
  • Access the myMRI Client Portal.